Improve your operating efficiency

At UTech, we've been thinking “green” for years. Our UTech Green initiative has helped partners around the country make the move to save trees, energy and the ultimately the planet.

With UTech solutions in place, you’ll improve workflow, accelerate business and help reduce your organization's environmental impact.

Here are some examples of ways we optimize technology:

Buy certified products. When you do go shopping for new equipment, try tolook for Energy Star-certified computers. For desktop computers, notebooks and monitors minus the poisonous properties look for a certification from the Portland, Ore.,-based Green Electronics Council’s Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool, or EPEAT

Go virtual. A great way to reduce your business's travel costs, while also reducing your "carbon footprint", is to set up virtual meetings. Collaboration tools such as web and videoconferencing via companies including Cisco's WebEx, IBM's Lotus Sametime and Citrix's GoToMeeting can provide a budget-friendly and travel-free compromise.

Give old technology a boost. Rather than throwing old equipment away, upgrading it is really one of your greenest steps. By extending your office technology's life, you are keeping that equipment out of the waste stream.

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Here are some examples of ways we help reduce your consumption:

Reduce when possible. Reducing your default margin settings in Word documents will create big savings. Additionally, be mindful of “phantom loads”, that is, the power that's lost when electronics remain plugged in while not in use. For home-office equipment, according to the EPA, as much as 40 watts of energy are lost for each piece of equipment. UTech will help you capture and deliver documents electronically. With the ability to capture and deliver documents digitally, you can speed document-based workflows, virtually eliminate the need for faxing, and lower the amount of paper your organization uses.

Recycle responsibly. Don’t just toss out that old ink cartridge. There are much more earth-friendly ways to get rid of used supplies and equipment than the garbage can. Hewlett-Packard, for example, will take back used HP inkjet or LaserJet cartridges for free. UTech’s industry-leading Planet Partners recycling program makes it easy to recycle printers, cartridges and other technology products responsibly.

Cut your costs. Not only can small-business owners take advantage of some pretty generous tax benefits by buying energy-efficient technologies, but they can also find some easy ways to cut those skyrocketing energy bills. By simply changing the light fixtures to compact fluorescent lamps and opting for new energy-efficient computer equipment small businesses can cut about 25% to 30% from their energy bill. Cut the cost the paper consumption in minutes: Web Jetadmin and Universal Print Driver make it easy to set automatic duplex printing for individual printers or entire fleets.

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